March 2020 Rover goes to Mars in an ideal place for fossil conservation

It was one other QA stay solo this week and I did my greatest to reply as many questions from the viewers as attainable, answering 60 questions throughout the course of the week. hour. Evidently, it was a broad dialogue with questions in regards to the orientation of rovers, what I take into consideration time journey and whether or not we must always do extra SETI or construct extra space telescopes.

The vignette considerations a cell from Greenland referred to as Grover. Right here is an article on this topic:

01:28 Updates

05:58 Does Canada have an exoplanet?

06:10 Ideas on hygiene?

07:00 The place can I ship a rover?

07:79 Has NASA been finding out intercourse in area?

08:05 How can black holes merge?

09:55 Towards what does a rocket push?

11:05 What do I consider metallic hydrogen?

12:50 pm What’s my most memorable area occasion?

15:36 Have I seen movies of time journey?

16:00 Valles Marineris may or not it’s brought on by a scratching asteroid

17:13 Why doesn’t JWST's Ariane rocket have an abandonment system?

18:14 What would occur if a comet crossed the ambiance?

18h39: Is Mercury locked?

19:03 What is going to he do with meals on Mars?

19:43 Do I consider in alien aliens?

19:56 How can we measure the growth of the universe?

9:18 pm Comfortable Halloween

21:39 What about Nibiru?

23:12 Do totally different worlds expertise a unique time dilation?

24:50 Are you able to brew beer in microgravity?

25:20 Relativistic calculators?

25:45 May we see Earth previously with a black gap?

27:45 Can we blow up asteroids?

29:00 Will SpaceX violate the Outerspace Treaty?

31:29 Tremendous spiral galaxies

32:35 Europa Lander just isn’t fried

33:42 What do I learn throughout my free time?

35:05 Did they discover the locks in James Webb?

35:27 Are the extraterrestrials too totally different?

37:00 Advances in propulsion?

38:18 Have I seen Halley's comet?

38:30 Are there vivid comets to return?

39:37 What was the frequency of meteor impacts throughout late intensive bombardment?

40:15 Will the moon landings actually occur?

41:30 Will there be a model of Starship that may serve satellites?

42:50 Area telescopes versus SETI

43:55 Will CRISPR assist change the circumstances for human motion in area?

44:39 Collaboration with Joe Scott

45:00 Can we terraform Venus?

45:30 Stay streaming from the telescope?

45:54 Subsequent occasions of astronomy?

46:07 Why develop vegetation in regolith?

46:56 Why can we solely see photons once they hit an object?

48:04 May we transfer a pole quicker than the pace of sunshine

48:55 May they create an anti-asteroid model of Starship?

49:58 The place does Theia come from?

50:50 What if a star hit a black gap immediately?

51:37 Can we terraform Mars if we arrange factories there?

52:56 Is the solar a part of the Alpha Centauri?

53:29 What’s the X-37B

55:00 Does it make sense to ship a brand new Voyager?

55:39 Can there be infinite lands?

56:00 Probably the most reasonable area movie?

57:38 When will we expertise fusion vitality?

59:20 What's SpaceX's plan to get by way of Van Allen's belts?

59:40 How was the X-37B launched?

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